7 Chi Keys


7 Chi Keys – (5 days)

Instructor:  Jacque Mooney

The 7 Chi Keys is considered the “Crown Jewel” of Applied Physiology and was developed by Richard D. Utt, L.Ac., founder of the International Institute of Applied Physiology.

The 7 Chi Keys accesses and corrects the spiritual, physical, and metaphysical interface of the human chakra/ meridian/endocrine/organ system in a gentle, easy-to-learn technique.

Every memory of every movement, breath, thought, feeling, or activity – both positive and negative – is accumulated within these energy chakras.

The 7 Chi Keys is an extremely powerful, yet very quick corrective technique that has proven effective on practically all neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy, MS, strokes, spinal cord injuries, polio, etc even many years after the initial imbalance occurred.

Thousands of clients throughout Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia have benefited with dramatic results!

The 7 Chi Keys is one of the most stable and long-lasting corrections available in Kinesiology today and is the preferred correction for many professional practitioners.

Note: Repeat price does not include manuals – $80

Prerequisites:  Basic kinesiology skills