Archangel Chamuel


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Chamuel means “he who seeks God.” Are you a seeker of the Divine? Then Chamuel is guiding you. Chamuel anchors the power of adoration from Heaven where there is only a constant rhythm of praise and joy. “Lo, I AM Chamuel. I am with you, even until the close of this age. This is the age of Love – of oneness, of unity, of truth. You are a Child of Light. I come as the cosmic parent to hold you as you battle to wake up from the dream of separation into the bright light of who you are! You are love. You are joy, sweetness, compassion. You are truth. You have come into this body to assist with the dawning Golden Age of Enlightenment for humanity. You are cherished, loved, and treasured. The dream of human life is confusing. You are stripped of memory and resources, then sent forth to accomplish massive tasks. And you succeed! Through impossible situations, you reconnect with your true qualities and Being. You find a way to tap into the heavenly treasury to access everything needed. Such is the path of human existence.” Ask Chamuel to activate worthiness and adoration in your heart.


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