Anatomy of Kinesiology Muscle Monitoring – All 4 DVDs


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The full set of 4 DVD’s in the Anatomy of Kinesiology Muscle Monitoring contains close to 5 hours of easy to follow and understand, accurate instruction of the 42 muscles taught in Touch for Health Levels 1 – 4 plus additional texts, bringing the total to 60 muscles in all. Described in common language as well as anatomical terminology to help people become more at ease with anatomical terms. All muscle locations clearly shown on a fitness model, and a skeleton. Clearly describing for each muscle are the Origin, Insertion, Action, Range of Motion, Acupuncture Meridian correspondence and also Nerve Supply which is not commonly covered in TFH classes but is standard in most other Anatomy and Physiology classes. Also ideal stabilization, pressure application and monitoring for each muscle is shown. This educational material is ideal for students and instructors of TFH for review after class, before or during instruction. Many helpful tips and hints in the contents well. All DVD’s are set up for pick and click of select tracks from the menu or play all. DVD 1 features approximately 90 minutes of helpful techniques to assist getting the feel of muscle monitoring and how to language it to others. Important pre-checks to increase accuracy of results and ways of describing what each of the corrections does in the body and what it can represent in a persons life. The 14 muscles of TFH level 1 are shown individually and as well in 2 testing sequence flows. One following the meridian flow order, the other in a head to toe sequence for faster checking of all 14 primary meridian indicator muscles. DVD’s 2 and 3 are the 28 additional muscles taught in TFH levels 2 and 3. Most of the tricky muscles are in TFH 2 and 3 so reviewing these is often helpful. DVD 4 shows all 42 muscles checked in order of meridian family as well as by anatomical region in a head to toe manner. This is edited for review in “bite sized pieces”. DVD 4 is also where the additional 18 muscles taught in this comprehensive reference are found. Numerous advanced tips are woven in to the content as well, including the hard to find 5 Element Reactive Muscle Protocol which makes doing reactive muscle solving muscle more straight forward.

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