Brain Hologram C: The Neurology of Vision


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By Hugo Tobar

174 pages

The neurology of vision manual for the Brain Hologram C class. This book does not contain formats. It is neurology only. It provides in depth summaries of the subcortical visual system including the eye, the retina, visual thalamic nuclei, the suprachiasmatic nucleus, the superior colliculus, the pretectal nucleus, the oculomotor nerve, the Edinger Westphal nucleus, the trochlear nerve, and the abducent nerve. it also provides in depth summaries of the cortical visual systems including the striate cortex, GABA neurons, connections of area 17, the organization of feedback connections from V2 to V1, motion processing in V1, the extrastriate cortex, organization of the visual cortex, visuospatial organization, visual area V2, visual processing in MT/V5 and its MST satellites, the superior temporal polysensory area, the inferior temporal cortex, the parietal lobe, and the frontal visual areas.

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