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Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Book 6 – Fear Affirmations

Pam Myers and Sally Worth have been busy. Their latest book is Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Book 6 – Fear Affirmations.

The book has over 5500 Fear Affirmations contained in 140 Lists for Use in Kinesiology or Other Therapies. Topics include

  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Growth
  • Fear of Finding the Real You
  • Fear of Winning
  • Fear of Intuition
  • Fear of Being a Parent
  • Fear of Personal Power
  • and more

Wonderful for your clients and yourself!



Dr. Tabrizian Books


Dr. Tabrizian’s books are becoming more difficult to find in print. I still have a few, but when those are gone, I won’t be able to obtain more copies. Fortunately, he is publishing some of his books as ebooks on his own site. The link is  There are currently 9 of his books available on his site. Go explore!



On Demand Courses


I have just added 17 new classes to the pre-recorded classes. These are from Jacque Mooney and include Simply the Brain, LEAP, Applied Physiology, and the Immune System. These are some wonderful classes. Go check them out!



Whispering Herbs Healing Cards


New from Evelyn Mulder of Sound Essences

Whispering Herbs  are a unique and one-of-a-kind tool for anyone wanting to enhance personal awareness. No special training or experience is needed. Relying on the science of vibration, this deck of 120 cards, full-color booklet, and lid-and-tray box provide personal insights. The impetus for the development of these cards occurred when Evelyn was facilitating an herbal workshop in a country where the fresh herbs were not available.

By focusing on the plant picture on each of the Whispering Herb Cards, our eyes view the image and we connect with its vibration. By saying out loud the message of the plant, as provided on every card, we shift our focus towards the inherent vibration offered by the plant.


Whispering Herb Cards are for anyone of any age. Simply choose a card and enjoy its inspirational message. As the herbs softly ‘whisper’ their message, your intuition is ‘listening’ and responding at a subliminal level.

Your own intuition will likely lead you to draw the card most pertinent for the moment. The affirmations on each card can provide a focal point for daily inspiration.


  • 120 Cards 3 3/8 x 5 3/4 Inches
  • 28-page full-color booklet
  • Lid-and-tray boxed set 6 1/2  x 7 3/4 inches


Also available with the Herbal Workshop.



Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Affirmations – Book 5 – Sabotage Affirmations

The latest addition to the Rekindled Ancient Wisdom series by Pam Myers and Sally Worth. We all have sabotage programs running. This book offers over 5,500 affirmations in 140 lists to help in defusing them. Topics include

  • Sabotage on Assertiveness
  • Sabotage on Health
  • Sabotage on Love
  • Sabotage on Timing
  • Sabotage on Worthiness
  • Sabotage on Hydration
  • Sabotage on Allowing
  • and more

Wonderful for your clients and yourself!



The Therapist’s Dictionary of Emotional States

Often when working with clients, a practitioner needs to find a precise word to help their client to construct the right goal or gain greater understanding of their issue. This dictionary has been compiled to help therapists and kinesiologists find that right word and contains over 10,000 words in similar fashion to a thesaurus. A popular tool from Mathilda van Dyke and Nic Oliver of Integrated Healing. Formerly published as “The Kinesiologist’s Dictionary of Emotional States”.



Essences for Kinesiologists

…With Attitudes to Release, Challenges to Accept and Commitments to Make

Carol Rudd and Linda Rodgers

This wonderful manual comes highly recommended by internationally known Kinesiologists as support for the use of flower essences in the kinesiology work. It is a comprehensive list of flower essences from 3 popular flower ranges – The Bach Flowers (39), The Australian Bush Flowers (62) and the Flower Essence Society Flowers (Californian Essences) (62).

Each essence is listed with:
1. An attitude to become aware of and to release
2. A challenge to meet and
3. A commitment to make
4. Meridian, Chakra and/or 5 Elemental Correspondences

Significantly, the detail on the essences is presented in affirmation format, with options and suitability for refinement in a kinesiology session.



Essential Kinesiology Techniques for Muscle Testing Practitioners

Terry Larder has done a wonderful job with this new book.

Terry Larder is a truly knowledgeable and enthusiastic kinesiology practitioner and teacher. So, it is no surprise that she’s created such a detailed and comprehensive book, bringing together a lot of kinesiology knowledge into a practical and easily accessible reference work. Kinesiology practitioners and teachers will be referring to this definitive manual for many years to come.”

Jane Thurnell-Read

Despite increasing popularity and media coverage, kinesiology remains a somewhat arcane subject and undervalued therapy, with few books available to illuminate its inner workings ……(Terry’s) valuable insights in the form of this delightful monograph are particularly welcome. This is undoubtedly a remarkable resource that will be cherished for years to come by students and seasoned practitioners alike.”

Sherridan L. Stock BSc(Hons) CBiol FRSB FZS FRES Dip KA

This book is the cornerstone for the training of new students who aspire to become professionals and is an excellent reference manual for any established kinesiologists who want to ensure that they are using techniques correctly.”

The Kinesiology Association (UK)


Go have fun!

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