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Upcoming Classes List!

There is now an Upcoming Classes list! This is my attempt to gather a list of upcoming courses in one place and reduce the occurrences of “Oh! I wish I had known about that class!”. Instructors and sponsors please email me at for more information.


Pre-recorded Classes & Courses!

The Pre-recorded Classes & Courses List now includes classes from Evelyn Mulders, EmpowerLife Kinesiology, How to Kinesiology?, KABS, MuscleTuners International, and NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology. Go check out what’s available!



The first new item is

Essential Kinesiology Techniques for Muscle Testing Practitioners

Terry Larder has done a wonderful job with this new book.

Terry Larder is a truly knowledgeable and enthusiastic kinesiology practitioner and teacher. So, it is no surprise that she’s created such a detailed and comprehensive book, bringing together a lot of kinesiology knowledge into a practical and easily accessible reference work. Kinesiology practitioners and teachers will be referring to this definitive manual for many years to come.”

Jane Thurnell-Read

Despite increasing popularity and media coverage, kinesiology remains a somewhat arcane subject and undervalued therapy, with few books available to illuminate its inner workings ……(Terry’s) valuable insights in the form of this delightful monograph are particularly welcome. This is undoubtedly a remarkable resource that will be cherished for years to come by students and seasoned practitioners alike.”

Sherridan L. Stock BSc(Hons) CBiol FRSB FZS FRES Dip KA

This book is the cornerstone for the training of new students who aspire to become professionals and is an excellent reference manual for any established kinesiologists who want to ensure that they are using techniques correctly.”

The Kinesiology Association (UK)


The second new item is

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Affirmations Book 4


Pam Myers and Sally Worth have done it again! Book 4 contains 5,600 affirmations relating to emotions such as joy, simplicity, traumatized, judged, stagnant, restless, amazed, and confined. There are 140 emotions listed with 40 affirmations per emotion. This book is as good as their previous three books.


The last thing is for people ordering from outside the United States. Due to changes in printing for books from Wayne Topping, Hugo Tobar, and Barry Auchettl, shipping charges may be less. Please contact me prior to ordering these books.

Go have fun!