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There’s lots going on at the moment! First – Classes!

Marco Rado is going to be teaching Integrative Neurology July 23 – 26, 2020.

The class will be taught via Zoom.


This class is about the so called Third Brain. The Heart has an intrinsic nervous system, sufficiently complex, to be qualified as a complete Brain, it produces the strongest Electromagnetic Field in the body and it secrets hormones and neurotransmitters. According to TCM all the functions that we assign to the Brain are associated to an energy called Shen, that sits in the Heart. The Heart rules the Brain! 

A lot of time will be dedicated to the THIRD BRAIN as the Emotional Brain; the student will learn how the body handles the emotional aspects through the TCM’s meaning of Organ’s Spirits (Shen, Yi, Po, Zhi, Hun), and analyzing which are the emotions that imbalances the THIRD BRAIN and which one improves its functions. The goal is to repair all the old wounds of genetical and genealogical emotional memories stored in the heart that impede the development of the own qualities. The goal of this class is to find and improve our qualities. 

Cost for class – $ 875.00 CDN                   

July 23 – 26, 2020   8am – 4:30pm PST

Location – Online Zoom

Sponsored By       Farah Asghar –

                                    Milo Matson –




The first new item is Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Affirmations Book 4.  Pam Myers and Sally Worth have done it again! Book 4 contains 5,600 affirmations relating to emotions such as joy, simplicity, traumatized, judged, stagnant, restless, amazed, and confined. There are 140 emotions listed with 40 affirmations per emotion. This book is as good as their previous three books.

The next new books are from Hugo Tobar. They are the four neurology books from his Brain Hologram course. These do not have the formats. They are straight neurology, and they are good. The books will be posted shortly.

The third thing is for people ordering from outside the United States. Due to changes in printing for books from Wayne Topping, Hugo Tobar, and Barry Auchettl, shipping charges may be less. Please contact me prior to ordering these books.

Go have fun!