HOW TO: Kinesiology? Learning Enhancement


Teacher: Ranee Zeller
Released: September 19, 2018
Length: 40 hours
Level: Intermediate
Certificate: Finish lessons, and quizzes


What is learning enhancement? Learning enhancement allows you to delve into clearing the energetic blockages around the emotional, mental and nutritional aspects of learning. In many ways, this enhancement is limited by our reflexes – those involuntary reactions that control so many vital functions of life: breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure. Correcting retained primitive reflexes can have a huge impact on development, especially in children.

What is this course? This hands on course is designed to help with memory retention and the ability to process information. The goal is to identify where memory issues come from – genetic or social experiences and even gut intolerance – and learn how to unblock them.

Who should do this? Everyone from beginners to advanced kinesiologists wanting to learn to learn again – and help clients do the same.

What will I get out of this? You will learn plenty of practical ways to clear physical blocks you and clients have in speech, vision, hearing and tactile experiences. You will develop the kinesiology tools to systematically reformat learning disabilities, simply and easily, and will discover how to maximize your senses through the brain’s anatomy. You will also discover the three types of reflexes (primitive, postural and conditioned), learn how to identify when reflexes are overstimulated, and understand the link between this and an inhibited learning capacity, while using muscle tests to rebalance.