HOW TO: Kinesiology? Nutrition & Weight Management


Teacher: Ranee Zeller
Released: September 19, 2018
Length: 40 hours
Level: Intermediate
Certificate: Finish lessons, and quizzes


What is nutrition and weight management? Nutrition in kinesiology deals with the causative factors of illness, evaluating physiological functions and creating a comprehensive program based on an understanding of a client’s unique situation. This approach allows for a healing response that harmonizes with the nervous system so that your inner beauty can shine through your physical self.

What is this course? This course is designed to provide practitioners with the skills and knowledge to understand what is achievable when nutrition is addressed holistically from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective.

Who should do this? Kinesiologists that want to be able to assist clients to look and feel great, and have renewed vitality in themselves. Completing this course will not qualify you as a nutritionist, and your work with clients should never replace medical advice.

What will I get out of this? You will learn the skills and supportive tools to be able to muscle monitor clients to assist them in their most productive way. You will learn about different types of diets and label reading, and will discover food myths that keep us locked into ill health and sluggishness.

Practical notes: Bonus pdf material includes information on blood-type diets, Ayurveda, vegetarianism, celiac disease, daily vitality routines, fasting, the Mediterranean diet, allergies and supplements. There’s also a weekly meal diary, and emotional and mental scan lists. Watch videos on the kinesiology session layout and how to muscle test.