HOW TO: Kinesiology? Allergies


Teacher: Ranee Zeller
Released: September 16, 2018
Length: 18 hours
Level: Intermediate
Certificate: Finish lessons, and quizzes


How does kinesiology help with allergies? Kinesiologists are unable to diagnose – rather, kinesiology is the skill of muscle testing to see where there are energy imbalances in the body that may lead to allergies. For example, a client may have an energetic imbalance to the word “gluten”: a muscle may show that this imbalance is impacting digestive, mental and emotional areas of a client’s life. Once this energy blockage is cleared, the client is able to function as normal. For severe allergic reactions it is always advisable to send clients to hospital or a medical practitioner.

What is this course: This course is designed to teach you the differences between physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and nutritional responses to allergic reactions.

What will I get out of this?: You’ll learn practical techniques to address various allergic responses, on an energy level, and will be given an overview of the different types of allergies. Course topics will address everything from raw foods to dairy, protein, pantry foods, sugar, beverages, cleaning products, natural irritants, drugs and more.

Practical notes: Bonus material includes take home information on coeliac disease, as well as dairy, salicylate and nut allergies. Plus, videos on the kinesiology session layout and how to muscle test.