Attitude with Essence


Attitude with Essence – (2 days)

Instructor:  Jacque Mooney

The Applied Physiology Hologram Series is a revolutionary approach to discover and resolve

your hidden patterns of stress using one fully integrated step-by-step procedure. This is an

incredible Kinesiological synthesis by Richard Utt that takes you into the exciting world of the

Human Hologram and allows you to access the primary meridian-organ relationship and the

vital secondary connections with every other meridian in the body!


The Hologram series provides extremely powerful, yet simple correction techniques that you

can use in every kinesiology session. Just as your Latitude and Longitude define your location on

the earth, the Alarm point Coordinates of the Human Hologram take you directly to the location of

“hidden” and compensated stress and through the application of Co-ordinate related correction

techniques including Flower Essences, Sound and Affirmations, these Thoughts,

Feelings and Attitudes are powerfully resolved.

Results of the Hologram procedure are far-reaching and often miraculous!


This unique system matches the Bach, Bush, and Arizona Desert Essences to specific stress patterns in the

body via the Alarm points. The stored stress in the body can be accessed directly and a specific Flower Essence

and Sound using Specialised Tuning Forks may be used as the correction for this imbalance.

This course is perfect as an introductory course into the Applied Physiology system for beginning

or experienced Kinesiologists.

Included: A 182 page color-coded manual with the thoughts, attitudes, feelings, flower essences

and affirmations for each of the 224 muscles coordinates.

Note: Repeat price does not include manual.

You will learn how incredibly powerful sound can be using the meridian-related tuning forks.

This is one of the most powerful and fun workshops you will attend!!

This course is fully accredited by the Australian Kinesiology Association.