Hugo Tobar’s Neural Emotional Pathways 2 – NEPS 2


Instructor:  Ron Wayman

Pre-requisite: NEPS 1


More Brain Systems!

A continuation of the Primal emotional pathways from NEPS 1, NEPS 2 adds additional systems to address issues common to many of us.

Integrate Primal Pathways

This workshop shows you how to integrate the emotional States of Being from NEPS 1 with these pathways.

Included is a formatting system for the thalamus and the reticular formation.

The students will also learn about the structure, function, and connectivity of the thalamus and reticular formation.

Course Highlights

  • The LUST system – the neurological systems of male & female sexuality
  • The PLAY system
  • Systems for the three states of normal consciousness:
  • The NREM system – deep sleep
  • The REM system – dreaming sleep
  • The WAKING system – wakefulness