Throat Chakra note G – Chakra Balancer


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The characteristic of a balanced Throat Chakra is the ability to communicate openly with personal expression. The Throat Chakra is the expression of the spoken word for all of the chakras and their related senses. Through the Throat Chakra we express everything that is alive within us such as our laughing, crying, our feelings of love and happiness, anxiety and aggressiveness, our intention and desires as well as our ideas, knowledge and perception of the inner worlds.

Someone with a balanced Throat Chakra would be reliable and trustworthy. Once they made a commitment they would speak their truth, keep their word and follow through with their promises. Someone with a strong Throat Chakra has independence, freedom, self-determination and will trust their inner guidance.

Note G physically supports the jaw, neck, throat, voice and airways.

Symphony of vibration in a bottle. Shift your frequency with a blend of sound, colour, crystals, aroma, gems, symbology, sacred geometry & positive words.

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