Touch for Health Reference Folio with Chinese Five Element Metaphors


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This folio has all the information of the Touch for Health Reference Chart plus more charts. It is 12 x 9 inches and the page for each meridian shows each of the muscles for that meridian, their locations, and all the reflex points and nutritional suggestions for restoring energy flow. Extra information about assessments and tips for balancing plus detailed information on each of the 111 metaphors for each meridian and element are now included. It can be used where space for a wall chart is not available. It is easy to read and has the pages marked so that tabs can be cut to facilitate finding the meridian page or other material easily and quickly. This folio is a must for any TFH therapist making house, hospital, or business calls. For the lay person getting help from a family member or friend, this folio can be most useful and can be easier to utilize than the large textbook.


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