Brain Hologram A


Instructor:  Ron Wayman


About Hugo Tobar’s Brain Hologram Series

This series of advanced courses explores in close detail all the aspects of the central and peripheral nervous system. Each area’s specific and associated functions along with its various interactions with other parts of the nervous system and body systems are explored. This methodical approach allows the development of unique and powerful balancing techniques that pinpoint the location of stress in any neurological pathways. Understanding the pathways to any conscious, subconscious or even unconscious processes and how they can affect every aspect of human life provides an extraordinary set of tools for practitioners to investigate and remove tremendous stress and restore optimal state for their clients’ greatest benefit.

This Course: Brain Hologram A

This course focuses on the cortex and limbic system with specific areas of application being explored including the brain lobes, Brodmann’s areas and limbic areas. Each nucleus and subnucleus is discussed along with their innervating fibers, neighborhood and local fibers, limbic tracts and commissural pathways. Unique formations within these areas are also covered such as the six layers of the neocortex, hippocampal formation and entorhinal cortex. In depth functional information and balancing techniques are also provided on the basal forebrain, amygdala and basal ganglia and their involvement in the neurological circuitry of emotion and affective disorders such as depression, schizophrenia and manic depression.

Course Highlights

  • Neurology of the Cortex & Limbic Areas
  • Brodmann Areas
  • Association Formats
  • Corpus Collosum Formats
  • Limbic System Formats
  • Balancing Mood Disorders
  • Cortex Flow Chart
  • Limbic System Flow Chart
  • New Motor Pattern Balance
  • Brain Hologram Procedure
  • Balances the Lobes