Complete Immune System


Complete Immune System – (2 days)

Instructor:  Jacque Mooney

Course Info:

In Energetic Medicine, the Physical is but a manifestation of the Energetic Template.

Our Physical Immune System has an Etheric Template we call the Master Immune System. This Energetic/Etheric Template both organizes and maintains the Physical Immune System, and any imbalances that occur within the Master Immune System and/or its connection to the Physical Immune System can cause instability and imbalances in the Physical Immune System itself.

This Etheric instability is one of the primary reasons why perfectly good balances for allergens may become unstable and ‘do not hold’, resulting in the allergies returning.

What Can I Learn From This Course?

This two-day intensive workshop will teach you to:

  • do an effective and comprehensive balance for the Physical Immune System;
  • check and balance the integrity of the Etheric Template, otherwise known as the Master Immune System;
  • re-establish the connection between the Physical and Master Immune Systems;
  • produce consistently effective allergy balances, even with formally intractable allergies;
  • and so much more!

This course will give you the skills to perform long-term balances for most types of allergens by using a step-by-step procedure to address the Master Immune System. You will gain vital, hands-on experience in re-balancing the connections between the Master Immune System and the Physical Immune System.

Our results in clinical practice have been nothing short of remarkable!

Prerequisites: Basic Kinesiology training, such as TFH 1-4 and the use of Finger Modes, Pause Lock or Stacking, Age Recession, and Emotional Balancing is required.
Brain Integration 1 (or FT1) is highly recommended but not essential.