Applied Physiology Tibetan Figure 8’s


Applied Physiology Tibetan Figure 8’s – (1 day)

Instructor:  Jacque Mooney


The Tibetan Figure 8 Energy flows exist above the body and interact with the physical body primarily via their effects on the Acupuncture and Chakra System.  The Tibetans have long worked specifically with the powerful Figure 8 energy system. 

Using the Applied Physiology holographic techniques you will learn how the Figure 8 system is the integrating energy system between the meridian, chakra, and auric energies, as well as being a powerful correction on its own.  Any imbalance of the Figure 8 flows can affect most of the physiological systems in the body whereby it may cause a sense of being unwell and disorientation. The hologram identifies and corrects the imbalances easily and quickly.

Completing each balance with Figure 8s will assist your client to integrate the changes more effectively and become more grounded.

Learn how to locate specific Figure 8 Energy imbalances in seconds.

Learn several methods to correct Figure 8 Energy imbalances, including the “Acutap” method.

Learn how to assess the subtle Law of Five Element Figure 8 Energy imbalances that only show after all major Figure 8 Energies are in apparent “balance” as indicated by standard muscle testing.

Learn how to correct the Law of Five Element Figure 8 Energy imbalances using the Law of Five Elements Command Points.

Correcting Five Element Figure 8 Energy imbalances can be considered “fine-tuning” the Figure 8 Energy System.  This “fine-tuning” is often the difference between a “quick fix” and a long-lasting correction.

PREREQUISITES: TFH I,  Attitude with Essence or other basic Kinesiology training.

Includes a 12-page full-color manual.

Note: Repeat price does not include manual.