How To: Kinesiology? Foundation Formula




Teacher: Ranee Zeller
Released: September 19, 2018
Length: 40 hours
Level: Intermediate
Certificate: Finish lessons, and quizzes


What is kinesiology? Kinesiology is a fast, powerful and profound healing method used to treat the symptoms of illness by identifying energetic dysfunctions. Energy healing is painless and non-invasive, using muscle biofeedback to identify areas of stress and imbalance or dysfunctional energy systems of the body. Kinesiology combines techniques including thought field therapy, intuitive healing, therapeutic touch and jaw stacking, among others.

What is this course? This is an accredited course with AIK (Australian Kinesiology Association) giving you an overview of all other available online kinesiology courses, and is designed to excite you about the potential of this healing method and the potential it has to help people and build your career.

Who should do this? Anyone looking to take a journey of self discovery and learn non  invasive ways to heal the body, mind and soul. If you’re interested in developing kinesiology as a career, this is a fundamental starting point.

What will I get out of this? You will learn the theory behind kinesiology, as well as its potential for healing. You’ll develop the skills to perform kinesiology from a massage table as well as self testing, which allows you to begin to discover blockages in the body, and how those blockages are leading to emotional, mental, spiritual or nutritional issues.

Practical notes: Plus, videos on the kinesiology session layout and how to muscle test.