Human Blueprint


Human Blueprint – (2 days)

Instructor:  Jacque Mooney

Each of us has our own, personal Human Blueprint reflected on the Physical Plane by our DNA. The DNA level of our Blueprint only holds the information for the Blueprint of our Physical and Physiological Bodies. But beyond the Physical Plane, are the Astral, Mental, and Spiritual Planes holding the Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual information of our total Multi-Dimensional Being, and it is through the full expression of this Multi-Dimensional Blueprint that we become Whole.

In our Human Blueprint, we hold patterning that makes us who and what we are – some Karmic, acquired from previous existences, some programmed/learned through experiences from current and previous existences, and some from Ancestral patterns.

Thus, the information and patterning in our Human Blueprint shape our current lives on Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, and Core Levels.

But much of this patterning and programming can be negative, and thus has become limiting and/or detrimental to the full expression of our True Selves.

Accessing our Human Blueprint enables us to release this negative patterning, freeing us from its restrictions and limitations, so that we can become whole, allowing the emergence of our True Selves, free from the ‘baggage’ we have been carrying around for so long.

Learn how to access the Human Blueprint via the DNA Hologram, how to release this negative patterning, and replace it with positive patterning!

Learn how to stabilise the core energetic circuit in Chinese Medicine, the Celestial Circuit at Human Blueprint Level!

Releasing your negative patterns and programs for all levels of your Multi-Dimensional Being allows you to Become the True You – the You of your Original Human Blueprint by balancing your core at the level of your Structural and Light Bodies!

Prerequisites:  Basic Kinesiology techniques including Indicator Muscle Testing, use of Finger Modes/Digital Determinators, Pause Lock, and effective Emotional Defusion techniques.