Tuning Reactives and Beyond


Tuning Reactives and Beyond

Do you believe in the crown jewel technique of clearing reactive muscle stresses in order to relieve chronic pain conditions?

Perhaps you have felt challenged by all the ‘rules’ related to identifying the Reactor and Reactive pairs… and have felt overwhelmed … and you are craving for the concept to be taught in a different way … wondering if maybe it could be simplified …

You are in the right place to learn how to access the innate knowledge of your client’s body to facilitate change rapidly.

This workshop is intended for people who have completed at least Touch for Health® Level 3 or those who have purchased our Muscle Tuner® Specialist program and who want to extend this important skill into other dimensions.

At Muscle Tuners International Inc., we teach this concept differently than the syllabus which must be followed by IKC certified instructors while teaching Touch for Health® Level 3 + 4 classes. While many students do understand and can apply the information taught in these workshops, we have learned that a great many others are at a loss to implement this critically important technique.

Let us help you. We teach the concept with a twist that simplifies the process plus we provide ways to work with the technique to access extra dimensions once you have mastered the basics.